Next Generation of well-balanced
low-rate L2 INTERLUDE server


Balanced x5 rates Unique drop/spoil patch for L2 NEXT server Custom GameGuard All Retail Interlude features Server development and customization New player's benifits Comming soon

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Join to the Next Generation!

1. Download the L2 Interlude installer. Any other off installer will work as well
2. Install the game
3. Download our Updater, which uploads custom files (drop patches, etc). First update might take some time, size about 80 MBs
4. Move the Updater to the L2 Interlude directory
5. Run Updater.
6. After updates, press "Start": L2NextGG.exe will be ran. You will see GG in system tray:

6. Welcome!

Vote for server!

1.1 Vote on TopZone for the server each 12 hours
1.2 or on HopZone (or both!) Vote our server on HopZone.Net
2. Use in-game command /vote_reward to check your voting;
3. Receive small gifts!

* More info on our forum New server Lineage 2, the list of servers, announcements of Lineage 2

L2 NEXT team